Glade 3 Pcs Mehroon and White Shoulder Bag

Glade 3 Pcs Mehroon and White Shoulder Bag

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Something on your shoulder at all times is a good idea. It may be a clutch, a wallet, or a suitcase. Take the Glade 3 Pieces Black and White Shoulder Bag with you everywhere you go. There's a good chance you won't be able to use your handbag very often, so if that's the case, you should probably add a shoulder bag to your collection. When dressing formally, a shoulder bag might be carried. This is a great suit for going out since you can carry everything you need in your shoulder bag and look stylish doing it. A stylish shoulder bag is a must-have. Shopping for a new shoulder bag? Make sure it's easy on the shoulders.

 Key Features

  • It is a very fashionable bag that is stylish and elegant.
  • It is a perfect accessory for carrying your books, cell phone, keys, wallet, and other essentials.
  • The bag is spacious enough to carry everything.
  • PU synthetic leather.


  • Easy access to stuff in the bag.
  • Quick to put on or take off.
  • Doesn't have to be completely removed to sit down.
  • Just slide it to the front and sit down.
  • Doesn't look like a purse.


  • Probably the biggest one, it hangs on your side so it throws off your overall balance a little bit.

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Arshad khan nizami
mehroon three piece bag

[****] good equality

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